Go Big or Go Home: The Nintendo 3DS XL and Handheld Redesigns

Before I get started here, I’d like to apologize for this slip in schedule.  Celebrating the 4th of July in a drunken haze, then having my power get knocked out by a freak thunderstorm has put a damper on my writing.  But I’m back now, so…yeah.

So the 3DS is getting a new version.  As to be expected, considering the track record of Nintendo’s (and Sony’s, while we’re at it) previous handhelds.  I’m certainly confused by the choice.  Considering the 3DS is meant to be an easily carried console, why exactly is a sound idea to make the thing 90% bigger?


Pictured:  Progress.


But again, it isn’t like this is unprecedented.  The DS alone had four redesigns (if we count the DSI line).  Sony got in on the act, too, with the PSP (1000 through 3000, and the ill-adviced Go).  I actually avoided buying a 3DS from the outset because I was waiting to see what redesigns I’d be faced with.  Even now I’m still waiting to see if we get a Nintendo 3DS Super Turbo Championship Edition next year.

What’s wrong with giving us multiple versions, or all the features from the outset, and letting the consumer choose?  I purchased a Vita (through some opportunistic trading and spare cash), and I just realized yesterday that the damn thing lacks an anti-glare screen.  The anti-glare screen was a feature added in specifically in the 3000 model of the PSP, because hey; a person might be playing on car trips. Where there’s sun like, everywhere.


How long has THAT been there?


I think I’m about done buying handhelds.  Next time I’ll just lug a generator, an Xbox, and ten gallons of gasoline around with me, to get one up on the developers.

Or read a book.