Moved to Tears: Thoughts about the Kinect

I watched two people in a game retailer today looking for Kinect games.  They were older folks; the man had hair that had gone almost fully grey, the woman had a cane.  I listened as they reasoned out their choices, and asked the clerk about some games for the Kinect that didn’t involve a lot of “jumping around”.

This situation amused and confused me.  I thought people bought Kinect games for the sole purpose of said “jumping around”.  I wouldn’t buy a game for a motion control-based peripheral that centered around being stuck on a 6-hour flight to Dallas, however scintillating downing my fifth glass of rum and coke and trying desperately to ignore the talkative grandmother next to me may be.


Protip:  Wave hand to ineffectually flag down flight attendant.

Yet, there they were, looking for less motion-intensive motion controlled games.  I realized soon into my trip into the particular retailer that the new Steel Battalion had come out, a game where you control bipedal tanks and utilize the actual controls of said tanks.  It might’ve been a good choice for this couple, but they passed upon seeing the price tag.

This choice may have been a turn of good fortune for them.  From what I’ve been reading (I’m not purchasing it, due to lacking money, a Kinect, and a desire to give myself stress-related injuries to my arms), the game did not work.  At all.  Kotaku and other reviewing sites, I’m sure, have savaged the game.  Which is unfortunate, because the idea of sitting in the cockpit of a virtual mecha has a certain, highly attractive appeal to me.  I would’ve played a giant robot tank simulator if all I did was sit in rush hour traffic for an hour if they would have gotten the controls right.

I dunno.  I guess there’s not enough incentive to get a good, high-concept core game to work for the Kinect.  Not when Dance Centrals sell like crazy and most people don’t need much more than Kinect Adventures.  It’s sad, really.  It might’ve been fun to play an entire Halo game with strongly implemented motion controls.  A core Halo title, mind you.  Not some cheeky side-story or spin-off.


Halo 5: Breakfast Evolved:  Better With Kinect!


2 thoughts on “Moved to Tears: Thoughts about the Kinect

  1. kryceks says:

    It seems like motion control gimmicks, like the Kinect, aren’t made for hardcore gamers. That is why we get all kinds of third party crap to take advantage of the motion sensor features. Serious developers aren’t going to want to mess around with designing their games to work with these devices. Its a shame really. I would love to play some Elder Scrolls with the Playstation Move.

    Honestly though, the Kinect is just a gimmick feature like you would find in some board games for family night. Much like the push bubble dice you see in the game Trouble or contraptions you find in Mouse Trap. Therefore, Kinect equals family night. Sorry hardcore gamers.

  2. Hey, the Kinect features are coming for Skyrim soon. You’ll get to scream Fus Ro Dah repeatedly at your screen while you foes beat you to death soon enough!

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